Health Insurance for VISA & Residence Permits in Germany

Before a VISA and residence permit is issued in Germany, the legal requirement of having a valid health insurance must be met. Since 2009, everyone in Germany is required to have valid health insurance. Proof of health insurance must be shown when requesting a VISA and before a residence permit is issued.

The type of health insurance once can choose is determined by type of employment and income. Germany has a dual health insurance system, operated by public and private health insurance providers.

Public and Private Health Insurance in Germany

If you are self-employed in Germany, or have received an offer as an employee in Germany, you are either compulsory or voluntarily insured in the public health insurance. Those who are self-employed or voluntarily insured in the public health insurance, can choose to be insured with a private health insurance provider.

Health Insurance is a Requirement for VISA & Residence Permits

Non EU-citizens who are staying in Germany for 90-days or more must apply for a Germany residence permit or VISA. This will only be issued if sufficient health insurance coverage is in place. Since public health insurance providers are not required to cover third-country nationals, they are often forced to choose a private or international health insurance. However, the health insurance coverage must meet certain legal requirements and meet the minimum coverage standards compared to public health insurance.

Many international health insurance providers are travel insurances which do not meet the legal requirement of the German law. It is therefor extremely important to understand if you are sufficiently covered.

Independent Advice from B-Protected

The free and independent advice from us at B-protected can help you determine the best choice of health insurance for you. We know German health insurance in and out, and can help you save money while having excellent coverage which meets the German requirements.

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