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Are you an employed person living or moving to Germany? We know that navigating the healthcare system in a new country can be overwhelming. That's why we offer tailored health insurance plans designed to meet your unique needs as an expat in Germany.

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Health Insurance for Employees in Germany

health insurance for employed persons in germany

Health insurance is compulsory for everyone in Germany. Here we explain about health insurance for employees in Germany: Special regulations govern who can take up public health insurance or private health insurance. Employees are automatically compulsory insured unless they meet the income threshold (JAEG) of €66,600 gross income per year, or €5,550 gross income per month during 2023. This threshold is recalculated annually.

Compulsory Insured Employees

Employees who earn equal to or less than the income threshold are classified as compulsory insured employees. This means that they do not have a choice and must be insured in the public health insurance. The employer will automatically register their employees, however each employee has the right to choose insurance provider. Once employees sign their employment contract, they must inform the employer of which public health insurance provider they wish to choose.

Voluntarily Insured Employees

If employees meet the income threshold for at least one year, they become what is called voluntarily insured employees. This means that they can change to private health insurance for employees in Germany freely, or remain insured in public health insurance.

Changing from Public to Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is a popular choice among employees who meet the eligibility criteria. The main reasons are because public health insurance is based on income. High earners may reach the insurance assessment ceiling and pay the maximum amount in public health insurance. Healthy persons can therefor save a lot of money by being insured privately, because the premium is based on condition of health, among others.

If employees wish to change to private health insurance, it is important to get the private health insurance policy in place before cancelling. Health insurance can only be cancelled if proof of the new insurance can be provided.

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Cost of Public Health Insurance

The public health insurance contrition rates are fixed percentage based on the income. They can further be divided into 2 different payable rates:

  • General contribution rate of 14.6%, which includes sickness benefits
  • The additional contribution rate average of 1.3% applies additionally, which is dependent on health insurance provider.

The total cost is shared among you and your employer, who covers 50% of the total cost.

Health Insurance for Civil Servants

Persons employed as civil servants, compared to regular employees, are automatically voluntarily insured. This means civil servants enjoy the same rights to state aid of 50% of the total insurance costs, but can additionally choose to be insured privately without having to meet the income threshold. This means no conditions apply for civil servants to enter private health insurance.

How Employees Can Benefit From Choosing Private Health Insurance

Employees who are high earners, meaning they earn more than the annual income threshold, can not only benefit financially but also in terms of coverage by choosing a private insurance. Once employees meet the private health insurance criteria and become public voluntarily insured, they may choose to take out a private health insurance. This means the insurance contributions are no longer based on income, but rather health status and the coverage selected, month others. The main benefits would be:

  • Lower insurance contributions
  • Better coverage
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Faster appointments
  • Flexible coverage options
  • Premium refunds and bonuses

Independent Health Insurance Brokers

If you are employed and meet the annual income threshold, we as independent insurance brokers can help guide you choosing the Best Health Insurance plan and save money. Contact us today to discuss your coverage requirements.

Frequently asked questions

The difference, benefits, disadvantages and regulations between private and public health insurance in Germany can be difficult to understand. The following questions will help you understand if a private health insurance is right for you.

What is the German healthcare system like?
The German healthcare system is one of the most comprehensive in the world, offering both public and private health insurance options. Healthcare is of high quality and easily accessible, with top-rated medical facilities located throughout the country.
Do I need health insurance to live and work in Germany?
Yes, it is mandatory for all residents in Germany to have health insurance coverage. This includes employed persons, self-employed individuals, and students.
Can I use my home country's health insurance in Germany?
In most cases, no. If you plan to reside and work in Germany, you will need to have health insurance coverage in Germany that meets the legal requirements.
What is the difference between public and private health insurance in Germany?
Public health insurance is mandatory for those who earn under a certain income threshold, and it is usually provided by a number of different statutory health insurance providers. Private health insurance is available for those who earn above the income threshold or who are self-employed.
Can I choose my own doctor or medical facility in Germany?
Yes, you can choose your own doctor or medical facility in Germany. However, your choice may depend on the type of health insurance plan you have.
How do I apply for health insurance in Germany?
You can apply for health insurance in Germany by contacting us. To apply, you will typically need to provide personal information, proof of employment, and proof of residency.
What is the cost of health insurance in Germany?
The cost of health insurance in Germany varies depending on the type of coverage and the provider. Public health insurance is typically more affordable than private health insurance, but private health insurance may offer more comprehensive coverage for a higher premium.
Are there any pre-existing condition exclusions with German health insurance?
No, German health insurance providers are required to accept all applicants, regardless of pre-existing conditions.
What happens if I need emergency medical care in Germany?
If you need emergency medical care in Germany, you should call 112 to reach emergency services. Emergency medical care is covered by all health insurance plans, so you will not be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses.
Can I cancel my health insurance if I leave Germany?
Yes, you can cancel your health insurance if you leave Germany. However, you may be required to provide proof of new health insurance coverage in your home country or elsewhere.