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This Company is perfect for any English-speaking families who are new to Germany and confused by the many health insurance options in Germany.
B-protected helped us to get the very best deal on our health insurance, both in terms of price and quality.
I am very happy indeed to recommend B-Protected!

Dinah McL. 45 years, British
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
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I came across B-Protected Web page and I wrote them about my situation. They not only responded very quickly but the were very personal and professional with guiding me in the right direction for my medical insurance. I truly recommend their Services because they have a personal touch in a very professional manner.

Rodney D. 49 years, American
lt Ingenieur
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Based on my wonderful experience with B-Protected, I strongly recommend anyone living in Germany who need an health insurance, to get in contact with them. They are very professional, efficient, customer warm & friendly and talking very good english. You will not miss anything! Vielen Dank.

Neil G. 32 years, Indian
Marketing Director
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The Health Insurance System in Germany

In Germany, the health insurance system is based on the principle of social insurance. Insurance coverage is based on and operated with a dual system consisting of statutory health insurance (SHI/GKV), in German referred to as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, and private health insurance (PHI/PKV) referred to as Private Krankenversicherung. Since 2009, anyone taking up permanent residence in Germany is required to take up health insurance covering at least hospital and out-patient medical treatments. Health insurance is also required for short-term stays in Germany, so a VISA will not be issued unless valid health insurance is in place.

Persons can be insured under the health insurance system of their country if you are a citizen from the European Economic Area (EEA) or if your home country has a social security agreement with Germany.

Approximately 90% of the German population is either a mandatory or a voluntary member of the public health insurance, while the remaining are insured under private health insurance. A total of over 73 million persons are insured in Germany.


Answer a few questions here and we'll send you the best offers, tailored 100% to your needs here!

The assessment ceiling and compulsory insurance limit

Although public health insurance is calculated on the gross income, the assessment ceiling is the maximum insurance contribution one has to pay per month. The maximum insurance contribution is €4,837.50 per month in 2022 (or €58,050 per year). The assessment ceiling is often decisive for members of the public health insurance to switch to private health insurance.

The compulsory insurance limit, on the other hand, is the income limit that enables employees to switch to private health insurance. The current limit for 2021 is €5,362.50 per month in 2022 (or €64,350 per year).


Who can get private health insurance in Germany (PKV)

Every employed person can take out private health insurance as long as the regulations for voluntary health insurance applies to them. This includes students, self-employed persons, and civil servants. Employees can also qualify under the voluntary health insurance if they earn more than the annual wage limit of €64,350 for 2022. This compulsory wage limit is recalculated each year.


Both self-employed and freelancers can choose private health insurance. In fact, public health insurance providers are not obligated to cover third-country nationals, thus many are forced to choose private health insurance.

Self-employed persons and freelancers cannot change to public health insurance once they are insured privately. Only by becoming an employee, one can switch to public health insurance. Unlike employees in public health insurance, the cost of private health insurance is payable in full for self-employed persons and freelancers.

Civil servants

Civil servants can be privately insured without any prerequisites and level of income. In many cases, civil servants are also entitled to assistance from their employed, the same way as employees with statutory health insurance.

Civil servants' private health insurance cost is great because their employer covers between 50% to 80% of the cost. Additionally, spouses and children also receive a state subsidy.


The only prerequisite for employees to become eligible for private health insurance is the annual gross income limit (JAEG). This is great for high-earning employees who can benefit from non-income dependent insurance coverage while continue to have the benefit of the employer covering half of the contributions.

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health insurance for employees

For Employees

Health insurance is compulsory for everyone in Germany. Special regulations govern who can take up public health insurance or private health insurance. Employees are automatically compulsory insured unless they meet the income threshold (JAEG) of €64,350 gross income per year, or €5,362.50 gross income per month during 2022. This threshold is recalculated annually.
health insurance for freelancer

For Freelancer & Self-employed

Since April 2017 only certain groups needed to have health insurance in Germany. The health insurance reform in 2009 made it compulsory for everyone to take out health insurance in Germany including self-employed persons.Self-employed persons and freelancers in Germany can freely choose if they would like to be voluntarily insured in the public health insurance or be privately insured.
health insurance for german visa

For Visa & Residence Permit

Before a VISA and residence permit is issued in Germany, the legal requirement of having a valid health insurance must be met. Since 2009, everyone in Germany is required to have valid health insurance. Proof of health insurance must be shown when requesting a VISA and before a residence permit is issued.
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Frequently asked questions

The difference, benefits, disadvantages and regulations between private and public health insurance in Germany can be difficult to understand. The following questions will help you understand if a private health insurance is right for you.

Advantages of public health insurance (GKV)
Contributions are calculated and based on income (i.e. not based on age and health condition);
There are no major premium adjustments;
You don’t pay more for pre-existing health conditions;
Children and spouses are insured free of charge;
A change among other public health insurers is easily possible, so it’s easy to save money from one provider to the other; and
Additional services are available similar to those having private health insurance.
Disadvantages of public health insurance (GKV)
The health insurance is binding to standard benefits;Contribution increases with your income (i.e. not based on age and health);Medication is co-paid, meaning you have to pay a contribution for medication;Treatment is partly performed only by contract doctors. You will often find it will take longer to get appointments and access to the best medical professionals; andNot everyone can be insured through a public health insurer. They don’t legally need to cover Freelancers from a non-EU country, so many are forced to be insured privately.
Who can choose a private health insurance?
Employees need to meet the annual insurance limit, otherwise they must be compulsory insured in public health insurance. Civil servants, self-employed / freelancers and students can freely take up private health insurance.
What are the advantages of private health insurance?
The main advantages with private health inaruance are faster appointments, shorter waiting times, access to the best physicians, treatments and facilities, contributions are not income dependent and benefits and tariff can be individualised.
How much does health insurance cost?
Private health insurance is based on age, health, occupation and tariff chosen. Younger, healthy and high earning persons can therefor greatly benefit from a private health insurance coverage compared to public. The cost can also be adjusted based on coverage, service and the chosen deductible.
What is the annual insurance limit for 2022?
The current annual insurance limit for 2022 is €64,350 gross income per year, or €5,362.50 gross income per month.